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We are a zero emission, zero waste and completely sustainable Natural Reserve. We are home of many large mamals that face diferent threats to their livelyhood. We are the last untouched ecosystem for many of them. We are fully committed in the preservation efforts and plan do do so for many years to come. If you can you add value to our project please contact us with your cv.


What we do

Aceromarka is home of 250 llamas and alpacas that provide wool. It also has a small trout farm and produces organic vegetables. We host for research teams looking to understand the local ecosystem and traveling engineers knowledgeable in sustainable projects.


Private Property

There are ongoing studies being conducted on the property.

It is not allowed to enter the property without written permission from the owners.


Natural Reserve

We have the duty to protect and preserve this ecosystem from potentially harmful interactions. We have on-going research projects that demand complete insolation of certain areas.


Sustainable Reasearch

We are constantly improving our facilities and are open to have trained and experienced people help us build, innovate and rethink what a sustainable zero waste community can be. Send us your CV



Address: Calle 23 Esq. Adrain Patiño #105 Of.703 Calacoto

La Paz Bolivia

You can also contact us by using this form:

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